Saturday, September 09, 2006

What Can I Say? Texas Rocks!!!!

Don't get me wrong, Tennessee is my team. I am in no way saying any football team has my favor over them. But tonight the biggest game is OSU v. Texas. I'm rootin' for the 'Horns. For several reasons.

#1. I hate Ohio State. Almost as much as I hate Michigan. It's close. When they play each other I hope for some way that they can both lose. I've been searching the rule books to see if that's luck yet.

#2. Texas is a southern state. I gotsta stay true to the South.

#3. Texas' colors are orange and white. Maybe not the God given shade of orange of Tennessee, but orange just the same.

#4. Texas is a UT. Not THE UT (Tennessee), but it's not that big a stretch for me to shout, "LET'S GO UT!!!!"

TEXAS ROCKS!! How can you not support a team that utilizes the rock hand??? I do this all the time, and not in support of Texas. But if I get to hold up the rock, and cheer for a team at the same time, I'm in.

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