Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tuned In To The Pulse Of America.

Local news departments across the country are always fighting for better ratings. I have an idea. Obviously, alot of people watch Law and Order, CSI, and other similar shows. When they promote a new episode, many times they say "ripped from the headlines".

What better way to promote the news? It actually is ripped from the headlines.

Tonight, on News at 6, an all new episode ripped from the


Crappy Holidays. (aka. Games I Like to Play #4)

Sorry that the Devil's Wind has been somewhat silent (and by no means deadly) as of late, but I assure you I've been doing some thinking and there will be new posts a-coming.

And now on to this one....

I spent the weekend in Tennessee with my family. It was awesome. I won't go into boring details of what we did, but I will tell you about this.

As with most men, my father and I think the act of going number two is funny, and a fun little game we like to play is coming up with new ways to say that this is about to occur. So I'm going to share some of the best I've heard over the years.

Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl

Talk to a man about a horse

Drop the kids off at the pool

Expunge the Files

Pinch a loaf

Drop some wolf bait

Take a growler

Growl one out

Grunt one out

Coming down with a case of the grunts

I'm poking cotton

I'm prarie dogging

I'm turtle heading

Making some stink mud

Make a sequel to Hope Floats

Building a log cabin

Back the bus out of the garage

Code two

Go phone Elvis

and my dad's personal favorite....

Go to the library.

Feel free to share your own in comments.