Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Shower Thought #17 (30th Birthday Edition)

In some circles a new millennium doesn't technically begin until the '01. Christ's birth isn't denoted as being the year zero. It was the year 1 AD (non-Christians, please take no offense. But, our calendar is based on his birth).

Do I get to count my thirties as not beginning until I'm 31?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Swingin' Twenties

On this, the last day of my twenties (as I cling to my youth), I feel I should take a look back at the highlights of the decade that was.

Age 20: Found a gas station that wouldn't turn down my fake ID. Don't remember much else.
Age 21: Got an actual ID saying that I was 21. Bought my first legal beer. Don't remember much else.
Ages 22-25: Don't remember much during this period (see Age 21) I think I graduated from UT and got a job somewhere during this period. Also, somehow I wound up living in Cincinnati.
Age 26: Umm. I am at a loss to find anything from this year.
Age 27: Turned 27 in London, UK. That was pretty cool.
Age 28: Found the love of my life. The Girlfriend.
Age 29: Bought a house. Moved in with the girlfriend. Lost a dear friend in Neck Beard.

Tomorrow, I turn thirty, and as it times out, I will make my first mortgage payment 9 days later.

I could use a drink.