Monday, April 27, 2009

Oven Lovin'

I think it only runs in the late evening, but the following commercial has caught my attention as of late.

I know they're just trying to be humorous, but who approved this commercial? When deciding where to get lunch, humor goes out the window, if I think the guy making my sandwich has been humping the oven. Plus, I don't think I want a sub that you've just compared to a penis. I just want a delicious meal that I am not fellating.

I'll just head over to Jimmy John's. They don't have an oven.

Call me a prude.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Snugs Fo' Life!

Here's a recent text-versation between the girlfriend and I.

Me: Guess what I will be shooting tonight.
Her: I don't know. Something cool?
Me: Yup. There's a Snuggie pub crawl in Mt. Adams.
Her: Awesome!
Me: I know, right?
Her: But what if they spill their beer. Are the Snuggies made of ShamWow?
Me: No, but I think you may have just come up with the greatest product ever imagined...
Her: I'm friggin' brilliant.
Me: In fact, you are.

I later noticed that the Snuggie is rather long, and mixed with intake of alcohol and uneven terrain, could pose a tripping hazard.