Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nuts and Honey

I came across this Honey and Oat cereal bag at my local grocer.  Normally, I wouldn't have payed much attention, but the little cartoon kangaroo caught my eye.

I couldn't help but wonder "why the kangaroo for a honey oat cereal?"  Then I noticed this:

 Ah.  Mateys.  That's why the kangaroo.  I guess she's kind of this company's mascot or something.  But then:

 OH COME ON!  I can forgive honey and oats, but you've put the word "buzzers" right there in the name.  And still with the kangaroos.  I get it.  You like the kangaroos, but shouldn't they at least have a bee friend join them on the bag...of "HONEY BUZZERS"?  How hard is it to draw a bee?  This might be the most ridiculous name/mascot combination I've ever seen.

But then...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Carving Out A Future

Recently, I was shooting a story at the University of Cincinnati.  I had gotten my shots of a class and was waiting for an interview with the professor, when I noticed the graffiti infront of me.  

While I can't condone defacing public property, I did find the following message a little inspiring.
If some kid really believes this and turns negativity on its head, maybe (just maybe) there's hope for our future.  Perhaps there are other inspiring messages to be found.
 Maybe not.
America's future, everyone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

King of Wrap

It's been a while since I've eaten at Burger King, but I do remember a story a little while back about them overhauling their look.  Today, in a fit of hunger and impatience I decided just to grab a Whopper.

Now I'm not exactly Mr. Treehugger Green, but I also don't like overly contributing to the landfill.  This seems a bit unnecessary.  Why is a box needed when a wrapper did just fine?  Then I opened it to find this:

Dammit, King.  I oppose this on two fronts.  First this wrapper is only here for the sake of making trash.  Secondly, I don't like to feel as though I just woke my lunch up from a nap.