Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nuts and Honey

I came across this Honey and Oat cereal bag at my local grocer.  Normally, I wouldn't have payed much attention, but the little cartoon kangaroo caught my eye.

I couldn't help but wonder "why the kangaroo for a honey oat cereal?"  Then I noticed this:

 Ah.  Mateys.  That's why the kangaroo.  I guess she's kind of this company's mascot or something.  But then:

 OH COME ON!  I can forgive honey and oats, but you've put the word "buzzers" right there in the name.  And still with the kangaroos.  I get it.  You like the kangaroos, but shouldn't they at least have a bee friend join them on the bag...of "HONEY BUZZERS"?  How hard is it to draw a bee?  This might be the most ridiculous name/mascot combination I've ever seen.

But then...

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