Sunday, April 25, 2010

She Sparkles!

You know, life is a strange lady. One day, your standing on your friend's deck, drunkenly shooting each other in the ass with a BB gun. Then a couple years pass, and that man is responsible for a human life.

Scott and Tiffany, congratulations on your feat of reproduction.

Dessie Marie, welcome to the world.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

.328 Career Batting Average!

A recent conversation with the B2B about our future went something like this:

Me: Pretty soon you're gonna have a new last name.
B2B: Yeah. I'm excited, but I may miss my old last name.
Me: I'm pretty liberal. I'll let you hyphenate it... around the house. (that part was under my breath. See what I did there?)
B2B: That's nice, but Schilling-Kuykendall will be hell for our children, when they learn to write their names.
Me: True. But we don't have to name them that. We get to name them anything we want. I think that applies to last names, as well.
B2B: Really? What name will they have?
Me: Boggs.
B2B: I can see that. (In a child's voice) Mommy? Daddy? Why is my last name different from y...
Me: (Interrupting) BECAUSE WADE BOGGS IS A GOD! Now go to your room without dinner.

Let's just hope that his sister Donna Mattingly isn't such an impertinent little ass.

When I was a kid, you couldn't enter the majors, until you grew a mustache.