Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mile High.

The Wife is spending the next couple of days in Denver. She claims it's for work, but I think the gastrointestinal repercussions of Bacon Week may be the culprit.

As she was packing:

Me: I need to stop at the bank and get some singles, since you're gonna be gone.

Wife: Oh yeah? And why might that be?

Me: Daddy's goin' to the CAR WASH!!!

Wife: While the cat's away...

Me: ...the mice do menial chores, baby.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bacon Week: Day 7

Here it is. The final day of Bacon Week, and I needed one last dish. I think the best way to end it all is dessert. And what better sweet delight on a Sunday evening, than a sundae?

Vanilla ice cream, crushed Reese's Cups, Bananas, chocolate syrup, and BACON!

I don't know what dreams taste like, but I'm pretty sure Hershey's syrup and bacon are involved. Unless they're nightmares, then they taste like squash.

*Thus concludes Bacon Week. Thanks to all who have supported my in my time of excellence.