Monday, August 24, 2009

Enjoying The Suds.

I mowed the yard today. After finishing my battle with the ever-growing grass (in the heat of the afternoon, no less), it was time to hit the shower. But wait, this was to be no ordinary shower time.

1) I am off today.
2) Later this evening is the draft for one of my fantasy football leagues.
3) There is beer in the fridge that needs to go into my belly.

And thus, I decided to participate in the greatest of all (solo) shower time activities. BEER SHOWER. It was awesome!!! But I have (sorry, guys) discovered a problem with shower beer.

Shower beer is great under two circumstances

1) It is but one beer to be drunk.
2) It is the last beer to be drunk, after an evening of drinking.

You can't start you beer drinking campaign in the shower. Unfortunately, every beer after that glorious shower beer just can't compare. With every subsequent beer, you are simply reminded that you're not drinking it in the shower.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

From Woods To The Hoods

Having worked in both rural and urban areas, there are some similarities that I have noticed in the extremes.