Monday, September 25, 2006

Games I Like To Play. Pt. 2

So I took a week off from the blog. After Tennessee fell to Florida, I needed some time to wallow in depression. But I'm back, and I have another game to tell you about. I call it "2word".

Here's how to play. Much like my first game, this one takes place when found in a one sided conversation. Only one rule. Every time the person finishes a sentence simply say the last two words of that sentence.

What's that? You would like an example. Sure.

Jabber Jaws: So I was at the store the other day.
Me: other day
JJ: I was going to get some milk.
Me: some milk.
JJ: And guess who I ran into.
Me: Ran Into? (ever so often say the two words as a question)
JJ: Roger...who I went to high school with!
Me: School With!

and so on....It seems dumb, but it is a fun way to add excitement to and otherwise dull situation. Take it, play it, enjoy it.

1 comment:

Denae said...

i'm worried about you, kev.

you, kev.

please stop playing games.

playing games.

can you play this game by yourself?

by yourself?