Tuesday, September 12, 2006

KFC: The Next Generation.

The KFC Famous Bowls have been going strong for a few months now (you should've known this, seeing as they are "famous"). Potatoes, chicken, corn, gravy, and cheese made convenient and portable by placing them all in the same vessel. No more excessive use of your fork by having to pick each item up seperately. Perhaps if they put it in a blender, I wouldn't have to waste valuable energy chewing.

All this said, I have a sneak preview of KFC's newest menu item.
And I'll let you in on their new slogan: "Why waste bowls? Saddle up to the trough, Fatty!"

I think this will be a huge success.


Kate The Great said...

Totally disgusting. Have you eaten one of these? It's like a carb heart attack waiting to happen... yuck.

Kate The Great said...

Hey K - check your work email.