Thursday, April 07, 2011

Grass Kicker

Home ownership comes with some crap chores. Today's was planting grass seed. If there are any botanists reading this, could you explain how grass can grow through a crack in my driveway, but leave giant bare patches of wonderful dirt bare?

So, I figure this should be easy. I buy a bag of grass seed, throw it in the dead patches, water a little, and more dead patch. But then I mention it at work, and everyone has a different strategy. Read the bag, and there are directions. DIRECTIONS. For growing grass. And they aren't "buy, throw, water, BOOM", as I had expected. There's raking, fertilizing, spreading, blah, blah, hooey, blah. I started raking, then decided to go my own route. Throw a little water in the yard, throw out some seed, drop some top soil.

I don't need to follow your rules, grass seed companies. I think my indifference for the rules is what landed me the Wife. Now, I'm the bad boy of lawn care.

Watching the grass grow has been synonymous with boredom, until now.

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Denae said...

Let me know how it goes! I went through this exact same scenerio today and after reading the directions on the bag, I decided to get my $9 back and not mess with it. I so wanted the throw seed/water method...