Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bacon Week: Day 6

Saturday has brought about the realization of a childhood dream. I decided to make my own bacon-burger-dog, as mentioned numerous times on the Cosby Show. Unfortunately, I only remember it being mentioned and not shown. Upon intensive research (googling it), I could only find one clip picturing said culinary masterpiece. This is the best image I could get of the elusive BBD.


Hmmm. That still doesn't tell me much. It looks as though it rests upon a regular burger bun. But I can't tell what the physical make-up of the meats is. I would have to wing it. After trying to make burger patties with embedded hot dogs, I soon realized that it would be easier to wrap the ground beef around the dogs. I know the pic looks more a burger, but didn't mind changing my approach. Given that "dog" is the last word of the name, I feel that the intention was always to add the bacon and burger to a dog base.
For this momentous occassion, I pulled out the University of Tennessee grilling spatula that the Wife gave me last year. A wonderous spatula for a wonderous meat pile. I slapped 'em on the grill. Flipped 'em once. Slapped one into my belly.

Dreams can come true.

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Crystal Young said...

This is only my take on what they meant in that show but . . . grill everything cut the dog length wise down the middle - lay it flat on the bottom bun, place burger on dog then bacon on burger so that when you are looking down on it you see bacon burger dog. Or which ever order you wrote them in.