Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bacon Week: Day 2

The BLT. A staple in the bacon world. A sandwich, in which, bacon is allowed to stand on its own merits.

What better candidate for day 2 could there be?

So, as I headed home, after a long day at work, the Wife agreed to start up some bacon cooking. I arrived home to the smell of delicious pig belly. I got some bread and added my "B" and "L". But no "T". I don't like "T". Seriously, I say F "T" in its A.

Half of the sandwich did not make it to this photo shoot.

Delicious, but I was not quite full. So I took a small flour tortilla and some spinach (we were now out of "L"), and added a couple more bacon strips. I call it a "BS wrap".

The wife did not allow me to continue without adding some cheese. I had no grounds to argue.

I did not care to wait for a picture to be taken.

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