Monday, April 25, 2011

Bacon Week.

Bacon! God bless it. I know there are lots of meats, and I love them all. However, pound for pound, bacon is your best bet for pure, unadulterated flavor. And I love it. Thus, to show the Big Guy upstairs that I care, I gave it up for Lent. Within two hours, I had regretted this decision. But I held strong and went 40 days without.*

So, now that Easter has passed, the bacon ban is lifted. I stopped at my local grocer to purchase a pack of pig meat for dinner. That's when it hit me. Why should it only be tonight? I should celebrate its return with a WEEK OF BACON!

That's right. Every day this week, I will be including bacon in at least one meal per day.

For it's return, I decided to celebrate the world's greatest meat, with the world's greatest meal: breakfast for dinner. So this evenings entry was French-toasted French bread with strawberries, banana, and Vermont maple syrup. I then topped it all off with 7 strips of delicious pork belly (only 6 strips are pictured below, because one found its way into my mouth before I could take the picture).

Welcome back, dear friend.

*In the spirit of full disclosure, I did unknowingly eat what I thought was a ham and pineapple pizza, only to later discover that it was Canadian bacon. But like all things Canadian, I don't feel that it should count.

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