Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm a week late on this one (My friend Kate already mentioned it). But TV's Screech, otherwise known as Dustin Diamond (not related to the Beastie Boys' Mike Diamond), is in a sex tape. His manager is trying to find a distributor, given the name "Saved by the Smell." I'm not even offended by Screech screwing. I'm offended by the name. There are plenty of good porn titles that could have been used. Here's my list:

"Shaved by the Bell"

"Saved by the Tail"

"Saved by the Balls"

"Shaved by the Balls"

"I'm No Johnny Dakota"

"I'm So Excited!!!"

"Dustin Off My Diamonds"

Those are just the ones I've come up with......What are yours'?


Kate The Great said...

Babed By The Bell
The Backside at Bayside
Deep Dicking With The Dork

I still think this porn movie was a horrible idea. I mean, who's going to even watch it?

Denae said...

I'd Rather Go To Hell
Screech is Ugly As Hell
Turn that Shit Off Before I Puke

Okay, mine don't really fit the pattern but it works because we're talking about a porno...involving Screech. Scared By the Balls?