Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Politically Defect

Nowadays, you have to be careful about every little thing you say.

The other day, I went to Long John Silvers. When I got to the window, there was an African-American lady who took my money. She asked if I wanted condiments, and I replied, "Yeah! Vineger." At which point, I thought to myself, "I really hope she heard the 'vi'". Otherwise, she probabaly thinks I'm filled with hate and very enthusiastic about it.


Kate The Great said...

Yet again - you make me laugh out loud. Thanks for the solid post and a great way to start my Saturday.

B-Rye said...
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B-Rye said...

Sorry, I accidentally posted the letter "a" as a comment trying to log into my account. But that raises a question:

Why allow me to delete a comment, then announce to everyone that I have done so?

How about, instead of saying "B-rye said....This post has been removed by the author." It's something more like, "B-rye apparently didn't have anything worth a shit to add".

Yes, that's more like it.

Thabang Motsei said...

I agree with Kate the Great, your recent posts are laugh out loud material. Thank you for sharing.