Monday, February 04, 2008

If I Ruled the World

The other day I saw a vanity plate on the back of a Hummer that read "HMR GUY". I guess the fact that he's driving a Hummer isn't conspicuous enough.

Then and there I decided that, if I ruled the world, vanity plates would be banished. However that doesn't seem fair, so I changed my mind. Everyone has to get vanity plates, but you don't get to choose your own. Instead, those who know you best will choose what your plate says.

I'd like to think Hummer guy's would read "BIGDUSH"

(That's "big douche" if you didn't get it)

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Thabang Motsei said...

Hmmmm I hate vanity plates but if I had one it would read " Black Snow". For some odd reason I am obssessed with the idea of Black snow, its not only about the words but they run deeper than that. You just gotta look deeper to find out what Black Snow means to you. hmmm inspiration of the next posting.