Monday, May 07, 2007

Me + Blog = Making Fun of Jackasses.

I probably shouldn't take pictures while driving, but this ad for Alford Motors caught my eye.

I have a couple issues with the advertising geniuses that came up with this idea.

First, I'm no expert in the field of auto sales. However, I'm pretty sure if you have a job and a down payment that does, in fact, equal a car today....anywhere. This formula is not exclusive to Alford Motors. I don't quite get the emphasis on "today", either. Again, I'm no expert, but I don't think other dealerships are subject to a waiting period.

I think you should just be honest in your ad and make your slogan, "Alford Motors: We Have Nothing to Brag About!!!!"

How about "Alford Motors: Need for More Business + Lack of Advertising Talents = This Ad."

These are just suggestions.

The second issue I have is this. It's on the outside of the bus. The majority of the people who see it will be driving, so they already have a car. Put the ad inside the bus. Those folks probably need a car. Not to mention they may not know the whole down pamement plus job equation. Maybe that's why they're on the bus.

I would also like to add that today I saw a car broken down on the side of the road with an Alford plate on the front. The temporary tag on the back tells me the car was recently purchased. So maybe, "Alford Motors: You Giving Us Money + Us Giving You Car = Deep Regret Tomorrow."


Kate The Great said...

Hilarious. Your blogs always make me laugh out loud which is an infrequent occurance.

And as for the bus thing, some of the people riding Metro may be broke and saving all their cash to fix up an effed up Saab. Just a thought...

The Kevin said...

Kate, As you save just remember, you do have a job, and soon you will have a down payment......

Denae said...

loved this post. needed it after traveling in a rental car through the narrow, hilly, chuck-inducing back roads of denmark. i don't have a job + no down payment = major loser TODAY. maybe i won't mind not having a car this summer. i hear not everyone uses degree on the tube. sorry. uh, sorry. miss u, kevy.

B-Rye said...

Nice. Very nice.