Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Did

From this point forward, the Bride-t0-Be will be known as the Wife. This will be in effect, until such time as she is known as the Widow (I will have to haunt someone to have them update you all).

After several months of planning, the wedding is over, and we are back from honeymooning. Man, it was exhausting to hear the Wife talk about all the hard work she put into the plans.

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Joseph L. Ratledge said...

I would update your blog for you if you chose to haunt me. But if you do haunt me could you like possess one of those cell-phones in a bag circa 1984, show up on my doorstep, and then ring in an obnoxious circa 1984 cell phone ring, then when I pick it up say, "What crackalackin' cap'n," and proceed to tell me what to write on your blog? That would be fun. No creepy Patrick Swayze/Whoopi Goldberg Ghost like haunting ok? Well if the cell phone thing don't work maybe you could incorporate a Bootsy Collins action figure and then haunt me to tell me how to update your blog.