Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Spice of Life

Last week, I found a link, entered my email, and received, an invitation to try a new spicy chicken sandwich for free at Chic-fil-a. Today I tried said sandwich.
I will tell you now that I am not affiliated with the fine folks from Chic-fil-a. I do find their menu offerings to be delicious in my mouth. But nothing to date has come close to this fiery delight. After a couple of bites, I was immediately looking around the room to find the official launch date (June 7). Upon completion, I called the Bride-to-Be to tell her all about it and even offered to bring her for dinner next Monday for a date night (launch date night). I asked if I could order another, and was told that it was just a special preview offer and the couldn't sell it yet. I was invited back to enjoy one next Monday.

As I left, I could help feel ashamed of my denied gluttony. I also couldn't help but to reflect on the after school specials of my youth, in which; the dealer would get the kids hooked, then inform them that "the first taste is free".

I'm so cold.....

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