Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Any Given Sunny Day.

The Sun.

Will we ever know the extent of its amazing powers? It seems to just make people cheerier.

For example: Yesterday, I was getting a few shots of the Kenton County Courthouse (and enjoying alliteration). A woman walking by must've thought I was shooting Izzy's Deli across from me, as she cheerfully asked, "are you using your 'super-zoom' on the potato pancakes". Because the sunshine had me in a good mood, I responded with a joyous "you know it!" Normally, due to my usual disdain for people, I would have just grunted to acknowledge that she'd said something to me and thought to myself "there's no such thing as a 'super-zoom', you ass head."

Damn you, Sun. I don't like who I am around you.


Denae said...

And they have amazing potato pancakes. Ask Rambo.

Crystal Young said...

That's why you were always giving me that look. You hated me. It all makes sense now.