Monday, July 21, 2008

Urine Trouble.

The other night, I was at Habits (a local drinkery). I went to the restroom, as I am want to do after a few drinks. As I head to the restroom, a girl comes from the men's room, and another is standing waiting (line 5 deep for women's room). The second offers to let me go first, but I decline and offer to watch the door for her. As I wait, two more guys join me in line. The second comments as to his drunkenness and distaste toward waiting in line. The girl exits, thanks me, and walks back out into the bar, as I enter the restroom and go to the urinal. I overhear the second guy comment that, if he had to, he'd piss in the sink. He then passes the man in front of him and enters the restroom. I figure he will use the toilet, however he stops behind me (at this point my discomfort is now quite high). He says, "which one should I use?" This guy is apparently cannot decide if he should use the toilet (yes) or the sink (what?). The diagram below shows the layout of the room.

He (denoted above as DF for drunken fool) finally decided to use the toilet. Then he commented the guy still waiting was a fool for not coming in and using the sink. He was hell bent on urine entering the sink. However, at Habits that is a difficult task. The sink in that restroom is particularly high, as the second diagram will show.

This guy was not Manute Bol. As you can see he'd have to get quite the arc on the stream. Then, he'd have to maintain a constant pressure to keep that trajectory (and we all know that doesn't happen). I couldn't help but think that if he did use the sink, then I'd probably be hit with some splatter. If that were to happen, I'd punch him in the nuts.

While this drunken fool made the right choice, this is a cautionary tale. When given the choice between using a proper receptacle and a sink, choose the friggin' toilet.

**There's a sense of pride upon completing what you feel is a funny post. However, it's hard to stay proud when you realize that you spent upwards of an hour drawing diagrams of a restroom and piss courses in Microsoft Paint.

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