Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ranting 'Til I'm Blue In The Tooth

Outside of Aerosmith and Rubber Charity Bracelets, very few things annoy me as much as the Bluetooth device.

So to the Bluetooth users:

*First of all, it's not a fashion accessory. Stop wearing them as such.

*Next, don't use them in line at the store or within 10 feet of people in public. Us non-users are tired of turning around and saying, "what was that?" Only to find you talking to your dentist.

*Actually, stop using them in public altogether. You can't understand the devastation of thinking that you're seeing a crazy person talk to him/herself, only to have them turn and reveal that little hunk of plastic attatched to the ear. Great! You're not a schizophrenic. Just a douche.

I guess the upside is that when I'm driving and talking to myself, perhaps people just assume I've got an earpiece on the other side of my head.

Although....No. I'm pretty sure that I'd rather they think me insane.


phenombuzz said...

I have truly enjoyed the comedy your posts provide since my departure from Ohio.

Keep 'em comin'.

Never You Mind said...

i like looking like a crazy person that's talking to themselves...and i'm a bit of a douche anyway.