Sunday, April 20, 2008

He May As Well Be Wearing A Houndstooth Hat.

This is a recent political discussion I had.

Friend: Do you think you'll vote for Barack Obama?
Me: I can't.
Friend: Why not? You don't agree with his politics?
Me: No. That's not it. It's because I went to UT.
F: That makes no sense.
M: Of course it does. I'm from Tennessee, right?
F: Right.
M: And you know I love the Vols, right?
F: Right.
M: So how in good conscience vote for a man with "Bama" in his name.
F: Wow! So... What if his name was BaROCKY O'TOP?
M: Well, of course, then he'd have my vote hands down.

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Wiseman said...

Hey Poser! You ever gonna call me LMAO! I'm back at WATE! Everyone says hello and they miss you! I miss you too monkeynuts! Give me a yell or email me. Can't wait to talk to you!