Thursday, September 13, 2007

That's Nutty.

I was looking at a can of delicious Planter's peanuts and something hit me. Mr. Peanut is not the lovable legume icon we've been led to believe.

Think about it. He's a peanut, but what does he do for a living. He endorses a company that sells peanuts for consumption. He's turned his back on his own kind just to make a quick buck. I know that top hat and monocle are supposed to make me think he's sophisticated, but they are a poor disguise. I see your true self Mr. Peanut.

But he's not alone....

Mr. Frostee....Selling your ice cream brethren. To children no less....for shame.
Mayor McCheese....I know hamburgers are tasty. I don't need you selling out your own people to get me to want one. I'm even more disgusted that the voting public keeps re-electing you, despite your treachery.

Kool-Aid Man.... You're actually a punch bowl with Kool-Aid in it. So technically you're not selling out your kind. However, you are very adamant about getting folks to drink your blood, which is just creepy. OH NOOOO! Then there's the Famous Dave's pig. Wow! Will you stop at nothing to get a spot in the lime light? I mean the other guy's just turned their backs. But your lust for fame has turned you evil. Not only are you cooking other pigs for the public, but it appears as though you may also be looking to enjoy some of those ribs. Cannibalism does not suit you pig....I just doesn't suit you.

Having said all this I would now like to proudly anounce that I have become the newest spokesperson for Nerds candy.

Sorry Brothers......


B-Rye said...

Let's not forget about Charlie Tuna.


Kate The Great said...

You are one of the most f*cking funny people ever. You just made me laugh out loud for like three minutes. And I think I peed a little bit, even.

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