Monday, September 24, 2007

Boob Tube

I bought a new tv. It's a 40 inch flat panel made by Polaroid. It's pretty awesome, except when I turn it on I have to shake it and blow on it.

Now that I have this portal to the world of broadcast, I got Direct TV. I haven't had cable for almost 4 years, and thought that I should have more than 3 channels (5 on a clear day). Now, I find myself mesmerized by the fact that I have over 200 channels and apparently feel the need to try to watch all of them.

Cinemax is one of them. I don't nessecarily watch Cinemax, as much as I just flip it over on occasion to see if I can catch a glance of boobies (I also seem to lose maturity when it comes to this subject). Here's the deal, boobs are like one of my Top 10 favorite things to look at....Top 5....Top 3.....Hell, they ARE the Top 2.

And ladies, I'm gonna let you know, the size doesn't matter. It's really more proximity. A small pair that's close to me beats a large pair far away every time.

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