Monday, January 01, 2007

May Your Year Be Happy.....and Gay.

Here it is. A new year. Feels kinda like last year thus far. But, it did start on a humorous note (well, at least my friends haven't stopped laughing). Last night, a couple friends and I went to our regular watering hole to celebrate the one second that is the holiday of New Years Eve. While there, my friend Kristan took it upon herself to try to find me a lady. That's when she introduced me to a girl named Virginia. As we were talking Kristan excused herself (she's good at wingman). Not long after that, I was thrown for a loop. Let me try to recreate the moment....

Me: You said you know Spanish. Are you fluent?
Virginia: Yeah, my dad is from Mexico, so I grew up learning Spanish and English.
M: That's gotta be kinda cool.
V: Are you gay?
M: What? No! .....What?
V: You don't look gay, but nowadays you have to ask.
M: I don't really think you do.
V: I'm sorry. I should probably go find my friends.
M: That'd probably be best.

So I learned a couple things:
1. Nothing stops a conversation quicker than questioning a heterosexual man's sexuality.
2. I can't wear the sweater that my sister got me for Christmas out in public again.


Denae said...

wow. you know how i think every man is gay? i would never, never assume you are gay. maybe it's the ball cap that never leaves your head (even when you're showering?) or the fact you shave every 3rd day. ah well. don't let it bother you. here's to many more new experiences in 2007.

Anonymous said... maybe not my best choice for you...but I tried! Obviously I struck out for all of us-but it at least made things more intresting).There is no way it was the sweater-we all agreed on how SEXY you looked! Just for the record,he had no ball cap and actually used gel on his hair (tell me you're not impressed)!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Kris that your encounter definitely helped brighten a some what lame evening... although I met my very own leprechaun. I wonder if that means I'm in for a lucky year?

Libba said...

Good post.