Friday, June 26, 2015

So When's the Wedding?

I'm OUT....  from under the rock I've apparently been for the last two years.  Given the momentous events of today, I figured it as good a time as any to start posting again.  Hopefully, I'll continue to do so at a faster clip than my current bi-annual pace.

What follows are a number of possible tweets or status updates that have popped into my brain.  I figured I just get out of my system here all at once.

*On my way home, I was surprised by how little of the world is burning down.  

*In all the excitement today, I wanted to rush out and get same sex married. Then I remembered that I’m already married….and not gay. 

*When all these people move to Canada because universal health care and gay marriage weren't struck down, they are going to be pissed.  

*"Why should a choice someone made impose on my rights?", said a bunch of people who chose to be Christian... wanting to restrict the rights of a group of people that were born gay... on a subject that in no way affects them. 

*Argument:  It’s harmful to the children raised in these marriages.
Me:  I don’t know.  I think that if you ask my daughter how she feels about having two Mommies, she’d jump right on board.

*Dear gay friends.  I’m not saying I’m expecting any invites.  I just feel it’s important to mention that I’m lots of fun at weddings, and I’ll throw in my daughter as a flower girl.  Let’s rock this shizz.

*My wife told me that they threw a surprise baby shower for a girl at work.  Then she called her wife and found out their marriage is recognized all across the country.   I don’t have a joke for that, I just think it’s beautiful.

*Somewhere there is a guy that’s been camping for a week.  Tomorrow he’s going to go on Facebook and be so confused.  
        “So, South Carolina had to take down the Confederate flag so gay people can marry it?”  

*As a Christian I’m just happy that now that same-sex marriage is legal, there won’t be so many homosexuals living in sin.

Now everyone is free to try the cobbler.


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