Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sleep Talker

My beautiful wife and I were watching a movie last night. She started to doze off, so decided to forego the ending and go to bed. Once the movie ended, I decided to venture off to dreamland myself.

As I made my way through the darkness of the bedroom, the following conversation took place. I should mention that she talks in her sleep from time to time (this being one of those times).

Wife: Nothing?
Me: What?
W: Nothing?
M: Oh. About the movie?
W: No.
M: What are you talking about, Sweetheart?
W: Turkey, you know what I'm talking about!
M: I promise I have no idea.

This is where I realize she is still asleep. I lifted the blanket to get into bed and find that her leg is stretched clean over to my side.

M: Dammit, woman. Move your leg so I can get in bed.
W: TURKEY LURKEY!!! Don't you change the subject!
M: (laughing) I'm not. I just have no idea what you're talking about.
W: You're giggling. Why are you giggling, if you don't know?
M: That makes no sense.
W: (mumbles something) Television.
M: What about the television?
W: ....(silence)

That's it. That's where it ended. It's hard to sleep, when you're trying to piece together what could possibly be going on in that little noggin of hers.

So I whispered things in her ear to try to affect her dreams.

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