Monday, November 15, 2010

Return From The Grave(yard).

For the past several months, I've been on the overnight shift. Today, I returned to the world of the living. It's nice to see the sunlight again, but I did learn a few things while living nocturnally.

1. Only 3 newsworthy things happen after midnight. Either someone has been shot, something is on fire, or somewhere has been robbed.
2. The human body is meant to be asleep at night. You can alter that, but it'll fight you.
3. The human mind is meant to be asleep at night. You can sleep during the day, but it doesn't stop the hallucinations.
4. There's a purple octopus that lives in the tape archive. His name is Russell. He's a swell guy.
5. I have reached a shade of pale that I didn't realize was humanly possible. Seriously, I put vampires to shame.

Despite these life lessons, I will miss the fine folks that I got to work with on the overnight shift.

Especially Russell.

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