Friday, November 07, 2008


Today, I had to shoot a new subdivision called Whispering Oaks. Why are subdivisions named so horribly? Mallard Glen, Windy Meadows, Glen Meadows, Windy Glen, Mallard Meadows....You get the point.

Why can't they have awesome names? For example:
Titmouse Oaks
Magpie Glen
Yak Hollow
Kookabura Elms
Orangatan Acres
Poppycock Bay
Brushfire Canyon
Cable Ace Award Meadows
Murderous Pines (although that may be a Jeff Fahey movie. I'm not certain)
Wade Boggs Point
Wade Bog
Anything referring to Wade Boggs
Badger Claw Creek
Aglet Farms

It's a fun game. Come up with your own fun subdivision names.

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andree said...

I want to live at poppycock bay!