Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Hear Marmaduke's Doing Lemonade Commercials.

As I've mentioned before, I like Kool-Aid. So the other day as I was perusing the powdered drink aisle at my local grocer (aka. Meijer), I noticed that the Meijer brand is being endorsed by everyone's favorite comic strip cat. Of course, I had to stop to see what he had to say.

Oh man! Classic Garfield. You've taken that old saying and replaced the word bowl with the word drink. You are one clever cat.

Dear sweet Jesus!!! This one took me a little bit to get, but then I realized that grape had replaced great. Pure comedy genius! You are one funny feline.

Ummm. Ok...I guess you replaced the word orange with orange. Maybe, you replaced fruit with color. I gotta be honest, Garf, this is not your best joke. This next one's gonna be killer. I just know it.

What? "Your best friends are strawberries"? That doesn't make sense. You've not only passed on saying "this should be 'berry' good", or even "I can't wait to put my straw in this" (feel free to take notes, Garfield). You want me to believe that you have somehow gotten this inanimate piece of fruit to befriend you? I have lost all respect for you.

I hate you.


Denae said...

The last pic is the best. Kev, you're one of my strawberries.

supredutta said...

Don't hate on Garfield, man. All that lucrative lasagna endorsement money from the 80's dried up after paying for coke and child support. Brother's gotta eat! (Ironically, no more lasagna though...per his cardiologist's orders)

Kate The Great said...

You make me laugh out loud. Thanks for giving me a perfect way to kick off the weekend.

You're grape.