Monday, February 19, 2007

Why Did He Call Me a Bundle of Sticks?

Last week NBA player John Amaechi announced that he is gay. I think alot of people were shocked. I couldn't believe it......John Amaechi played in the NBA? Who knew?

As I'm sure you all know, right in the middle of this story is former player Tim Hardaway. After his controversial comments on homosexuality, alot of people have come down on him. Tim stopped by Devil's Wind to defend his comments. Here's that interview.

Kevin: Thanks for stopping by. Can I get you something to drink? Milk, ginger ale, sweet tea?

Tim Hardaway: You comin' on to me? You know I don't do that.

K: No, just thought you might like something to drink. Have a seat.

TH: No way. Sitting down is for gays. I don't let nothing touch my butt.

K: Ok, stand then....Let's get started. You said you hate gay people, and alot of people took offense. But, how do you feel about other people?

TH: Such as?

K: Heterosexuals.

TH: No man. I hate heterosexuals. I am a heterophobe. I don't go near straight people. I keep my distance.

K: Well, then what about your wife?

TH: No man. I hate my wife. I am a wife-a-phobe. I don't go near her. I keep my distance.

K: Ok....strange. How about children?

TH: No man. I hate children. I am a child-o-phobe. I don't go near kids. I keep my distance.

K: You hate kids? What about your own children?

TH: No man. I hate my children. I am a my children-o-phobe. I don't go near my kids. I keep my distance.

K: WHAT??? But surely the first time you held your kids, you felt some love for them.

TH: No man. I ain't never touched my kids. Touching kids is what pedophiles do. I ain't know pedophile.

K: What about when your mom held you as a baby?

TH: My mom ain't a pedophile. She never held me.

K: Explains alot. about animals?

TH: No man. I hate animals. I am an animal-o-phobe. I don't go near animals. I keep my distance.

K: Plants?

TH: No man. I hate plants. I am a plant-o-phobe. I don't go near plants. I keep my distance.

K: Ok, I guess you hate everyone and everything. Is there anything you don't hate?

TH: Gummi worms.

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